Do you ever regret the decisions you have made and wish you had a do-over? Do you think it’s too late to deserve to be happy?

I used to think this way. I grew up in a physically abusive, alcoholic household filled with rage, and would not have known that something beyond what I was experiencing even existed. Yet at a young age I was given the gift of the light of love which ignited a spark deep within me and somehow I knew that life could be better. They say, “ when the student is ready, the teacher appears”. This is the way it was for me. After surviving several abusive relationships, I realized I could leave the abuse behind and begin to value love – appreciating and valuing myself. I found the light within and turned my life around. You can too. Let me help you learn from the lessons I have learned so you can find happiness – hopefully with less pain.

I work with people one-on-one and offer workshops to help you on your healing journey.





For Safety Sake –

  • Learn how to get out of an abusive relationship and/or the abusive programming we carry around.

How To Deal with Anxiety & Depression –

  • What causes them and what can we do about them?

Dealing with Loss –

  • Every loss must be grieved no matter how small or big.
  • Is there a right way or wrong way to grieve?
  • Is there a particular timetable?


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