Do you want to be happy or happier for no reason? What does Happy for No Reason”mean? How do you get there?

Happy For No Reason Overview-

When you join me to explore this topic youll learn techniques to help you get there AND stay there.

Learn about: What it means to be Happy For No Reason,The Happiness Continuum, The Guiding Principles, Expansion vs. Contraction, and Building the Home For Happiness.

You must take responsibility for your own happiness and cultivate your garden. First youll need to begin with a strong foundation.

The Foundation – Believe That You Can Be Happy

Become aware of habits standing in your way. Gently, persistently shift to a new habits of thinking, feeling and acting that will serve you better. Take “response-ability”- respond to all events in your life in a way that supports your happiness. Respond vs. React. What does this mean?

The Garden – Cultivating Nourishing Relationships

How many times have we gone to a dry well” and expected to get water?  In other words, gone to someone for emotional support/love when they were not able to give it before? We tend to do this as humans always expecting that maybe this time will be different.

  • What are the benefits of having supportive/loving relationships in our lives?
  • Don’t we ALL deserve to be treated well and happy?

Pillar of the Mind – Dont Believe Everything You Think

The mind is its own place, and it can make a heaven of Hell, a hell of Heaven.” – John Milton, English Poet

  • How many times a day do you experience Negative thoughts? Positive thoughts?
  • Learn Healthy Happiness Habits for the mind.

Pillar of the Heart – Let Love Lead

The heart has an energy field. Love and fear, anger, or hate cannot live in the same place at the same time. Learn the effects of these emotions on the heart and body.

Pillar of the Body – Make Your Cells Happy

A sound mind in a sound body is a short but full description of a happy state in this world.” – John Locke, 17th Century English Philosopher

  • Being happy is not just a state of mind- it is also a state of body. Our bodies are designed to support our happiness.
  • What are the body’s Happiness robbers?
  • How do we make our cells happy?

Pillar of the Soul – Plug Yourself Into Spirit

There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.” – Albert Einstein

  • What does it mean to be plugged into Spirit?
  • How do we know when we are?
  • How does it feel?

The Roof – Live a Life Inspired by Purpose.

Find your passion. What things do you like to do? What things are you passionate about? What feeds your Spirit? Family, friends, pets, gardening, the ocean or mountains? What gives meaning to your life? Do you say, Good morning, God” or Good God its morning!”?

Living a Life Inspired by Purpose is for the young and the “young at heart” – you’re never too old!





Happy for No Reason –

What does Happy for No Reason” mean? How do we build the inner core of happiness despite what is happening personally, professionally or globally?

Building the Inner Home for Happiness –

From the Bottom Up: The Foundation – Responsibility/Taking ownership of your happiness. The Garden – Relationship/Cultivation, Nourishing relationships.

Pillar of the Mind – Don’t Believe Everything You Think. Pillar of the Heart –  Let Love Lead. Pillar of the Body – Make Your Cells Happy. Pillar of the Soul – Plug yourself into spirit. Roof – Live a Life Inspired by Purpose. Find your passion. What feeds your soul?

Positive Thinking & How It Affects Every Aspect of Your Life –

  • Do you believe that it does? Lets discuss!

New Beginnings –

  • Spring is the season of new life. Do we have to wait until Spring to begin something new?

For Fun and Stimulation

  • Music, Music, Music – Roberta partners with DJ George for Dance Parties or the game show, Whats That Song?”

Resolutions –

Why We Make Them & Why We Break Them – Discuss how we can stop making resolutions we cannot keep and be successful in keeping the ones we make. Learn how lifestyle changes may solve the issue.

Working with Phases of the Moon –

  • How do we work with the phases of the moon to manifest what it is we want in life?
  • Join me for my New Moon and Full Moon Ceremonies each month. Drop in when you can.

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