“I used to live my life by default. Today I live my life by design.”

My name is Roberta Dignan Robinson. I’ve had an interesting and sometimes extremely challenging life.  Though I wouldn’t choose to live my painful experiences over again, they have made me who I am today – and I have absolutely no regrets. I was born into a physically abusive, alcoholic home, but it wasn’t until my early 40’s that I found the program Al-Anon. It was the first lifeline that put me on a different path in life.  I AM Forever grateful.

In truth, the pattern of abuse has shown up in many areas of my life – including the workplace. I finally made the decision that no one will have the chance to abuse me again and I learned how to shift the abusive programming I was carrying within myself. This work led me to develop a 4-Step Guide to help others get out of abusive relationships and to shift the internal negative self-talk to prevent them from experiencing it for a lifetime. If I can do it. You can do it.

In my professional career, I worked in law for 20 years. Then after caring for my mother I found my way into the City of Boston Elderly Commission. This was the start of my 30-plus years in Elder Services, connecting people to the resources they need.  Because I have worked in every aspect of Elder Services, (with the exception of assisted living), I have accumulated a wealth of knowledge in this field. I AM happy and proud to say that I have helped hundreds, perhaps even thousands of people.

I am passionate about the importance of Health and I present and teach workshops on Health-related topics including: Positive Thinking and How it Affects Every Aspect of Our Lives, Stress Management, A New Approach to Arthritis, and Eating the Colors of the Rainbow.  I also have a TV Show on YouTube called “Health is Wealth” where I have hosted providers and experts who speak on a number of different Health and Health-related topics.

My journey has also led me to explore metaphysical healing and the world of alternative therapies. I am a Reiki Master/Teacher in three lines of Reiki as well as Magnified Healing and Quantum Touch. I am Certified in Marci Shimoff’s Program, “Happy for No Reason” and I work with people from all walks of life to build an inner home for happiness and peace.

I am devoted to the study of the Moon and how we can work with the Moon Cycles to get in the energetic flow, and manifest what it is we want in life. I lead Moon Ceremonies for the New Moon and Full Moon each month. I have personally found that since I have been working with the cycles of the Moon, I have experienced significant energetic shifts in my life.

I have walked the walk, done the work, and learned from teachers and mentors who have guided me along the way, illuminated my path and helped me discover my light. My purpose is to share the tools and techniques I have learned to make your journey of healing a little easier, and help you discover your own light of happiness and inner peace – no matter what your age or what you’ve been through.

Are you tired of living your life by default and ready to live your life by design?


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