Happiness, Healing & Health

Are you constantly looking for people, places, and things on the outside to make you happy on the inside?

My name is Roberta Dignan Robinson and I spent the first 55+ years of my life chasing happiness and thought it was something only a select few could have. That was a misbelief. I have found the way to build my inner home of happiness. Wont you let me help you build yours?

When you are Happy for No Reason, you bring happiness to your outer experiences rather than trying to extract happiness from them.” – Marci Shimoff

  • About Roberta

    “I used to live life by default. Today I live life by design.” – Roberta Robinson

    My name is Roberta Dignan Robinson and my purpose is to help you heal by teaching you tools and techniques to use on your journey. I have walked the walk, done the work, and learned from teachers who have guided me along the way, brightened my path and helped me to see my own light. My wish is to help you heal, find happiness, and inner peace – no matter what your age or what youve been through. Wont you let me be that light for you?

    • Certified in Marci Shimoff’s “Happy for No Reason”
    • Reiki Master Teacher, Reiki-Usui, Karuna & Shambala
    • Moonology student and teacher – working with the energy of the lunar cycles
    • Survivor of abusive relationships and abusive thinking and sharing the tools to help you shift toward practices of self love and abundance.